Conservatives Are More Orderly Thinkers, Says Science

If you're a conservative, at some point in political discourse with a liberal you've found yourself questioning why they cannot stay on track or apply simple logic. The answer to this can be found in the very field most liberals lay claim to, science. The origins of critical thinking are traced back more than 2,500 [...]

A Dying Oath

The continuity that runs through an otherwise fractured government is the sworn oath to the United States Constitution. Sadly, Democrats are not only failing to uphold their sworn oath, they are also working in direct opposition to it. For those of us who swore and honor the oath we took to serve this country, watching [...]

Five Ways Democrats Fail In Debate

There was a time when productive discourse with an objective point of view was tolerable, and even manageable. With the radical push of social progressivism, those days seem to be a thing of history. After tens of thousands of engagements with left-leaning individuals, I've determined what are arguably the top five tools that Democrats lack [...]

Jacking Free Speech

We are a nation of free liberties. We are also a nation of free enterprises. The increased reliance on technology combined with the era of hyper-progressiveness has resulted in our free liberties taking a backseat to profits - an unacceptably dangerous intrusion on the American voice. In recent months, Twitter has arguably been the most [...]

Ilhan Omar’s Timeline of Deceit

She claims to have been a child of the Somali Civil War, who fled for a four-year stay in a Kenyan refugee camp before coming to the United States, but Ilhan Omar's stories just don't add up. Within the last year, Omar has done interviews with Time, The New Yorker, The Pioneer Press, The Duluth [...]

Dismantling the Republic

Our Republic is facing the greatest challenge to its sovereignty since the American Revolution, and our politicians are complicit in the erosion of our hard-fought liberties. The number of foreign migrants crossing our borders and seeking asylum is record-setting and disastrous to every institutional premise of our United States Constitution. The added burden on our [...]

The Gun Control Paradigm

As society endures the tragic hangover of another mass shooting, reason is again lost to the impulsivity of emotional responses. Liberal America defaults to the position that conservatives remain in nothing more than an altruistic holding pattern. This is not just untrue, it's a willfully counterproductive political stunt. Arguably, nobody is more genuinely concerned about [...]