The Gun Control Paradigm

As society endures the tragic hangover of another mass shooting, reason is again lost to the impulsivity of emotional responses. Liberal America defaults to the position that conservatives remain in nothing more than an altruistic holding pattern. This is not just untrue, it’s a willfully counterproductive political stunt.

Arguably, nobody is more genuinely concerned about gun violence in the United States than conservatives and other Second Amendment proponents. With each incident, the threat of constitutional rights being chipped away is a real fear for those who guard and exercise our rights with due responsibility. And statistically-speaking, it is by and large liberal Americans who treat those responsibilities and historical precedent with disregard. While mass shooting incidents receive banner media coverage, they are an almost nonexistent fraction of the total gun violence epidemic in America.

The tragic irony is that an organization that promotes responsible gun ownership, The National Rifle Association, takes the Democratic beatdown for being complicit in gun violence. It’s almost Shakespearean how incredibly counterintuitive those sentiments are. Conservatives would not deny that the NRA advocates for gun rights. It’s the oldest political advocacy group in the United States, and is very transparent about its intentions and motive. That is without question. But what the NRA is not, is a for-profit gun manufacturer. Liberals imply this at every turn and it’s a maliciously dishonest statement.

There has not been a single link between NRA members and the mass shootings that have occurred in America in our more recent history (decades), or the blood on the streets of everyday America. Conversely, the vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated by registered Democrats or those who are otherwise left-leaning idealists. Consider the urban populations of high-crime cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, or Washington D.C.

Chicago, a hyper-liberal antithetical utopia has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but sees an almost unfathomable amount of gun crime on a daily basis. Never a banner headline outside of their immediate region. No national vigils or calls for reforms – though they’d be hard pressed to try and reform an area that’s already placed almost every restrictive measure possible on firearms.

Laws only deter people who deem it a social responsibility to follow them. Laws, judges, and juries don’t illicit fear among those with intent to kill. The only thing they can possibly fear is their intended victims who should not have their ability to defend themselves obstructively legislated with disregard for our Constitution.

Further regulating firearms does nothing to stop those already behaving with a sense of self-immunity from the law. It only provides those living in that abhorrent subculture with greater confidence that they are even less likely to meet armed resistance from their intended victims.

The most appropriate solution to reducing gun violence shares the same common denominator with the violence itself, human behavior. It is not object, but action that defines cause & effect.

Our country is long overdue for reality check when it comes to mental illness, family values, social respect, and policing those around us who may be troubled. We’ve become so politically correct and so programmed to insulate ourselves from the possibility of offending one another that we have become averse to using one of our greatest defensive human intangibles – our intuitions. In nearly every instance of violence, someone (or many) close to that individual suspected their capabilities but failed to act on their intuitions.

Until and even after we are ready to have those tough conversations within ourselves and with those close to us, the greatest deterrent against becoming a victim is for the criminally-inclined to fear that whomever they intend to victimize may likely be armed as well. The only way to subsidize that is to stop pretending that words on paper will do anything other than continue to enable violence.

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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