Dismantling the Republic

Our Republic is facing the greatest challenge to its sovereignty since the American Revolution, and our politicians are complicit in the erosion of our hard-fought liberties.

The number of foreign migrants crossing our borders and seeking asylum is record-setting and disastrous to every institutional premise of our United States Constitution. The added burden on our economic, social, education, healthcare, and law enforcement resources is unnecessary and unacceptable. The American taxpayer is no longer paying for their own benefit. We are now paying for the benefits of others while our access to these programs is hindered and in many cases disregarded.

While there are certainly well-intended families seeking asylum, there are also many with malicious intent. Without physical and process barriers in place, America is witnessing the beginning of the end of our Constitutional Republic.

Democrats will argue that we are a country of immigrants, and while true, it’s a statement that irresponsibly omits context. There is a profound distinction between 17th-century European settlers cultivating an entire civilization from nothing, and 21st-century migrants showing up at the doorstep of a post-industrial nation seeking equal rights and entitlements.

Most developed countries around the world have strict immigration laws, and they enforce them. Those laws are about ensuring that those seeking refuge can contribute to the betterment of society. That they can assimilate and become a productive resource, not a regressive burden.

It’s not uncommon for Conservatives to frequently be labeled as racists and bigots for objections to the influx of asylum-seeking migrants. This is just another shortsighted cry of false fear among the remedial left. Conservatives are not anti-immigration. Conservatives, quite antithetically, are pro-immigration; legal immigration.

For generations, future Americans have been preceded by ancestors who sought citizenship legally and respectfully. People who didn’t just desire to be here, but effectively contributed to the successes of our county and communities almost immediately. People who assimilated to our way of life.

It’s is counterintuitive for migrants to seek asylum with the intention to bring their broken political and social ideologies with them. It is counterintuitive and disruptive for migrants to seek acceptance in the United States while at the same time protesting our President and our legal system. There could not be a more overtly enlightening sign of our demise than openly welcoming people into our society who seek to obstruct it and disregard our laws.

An inability to control its sovereign borders and the problems that come with unchecked immigration is one of the primary causes for the fall of the Roman Empire, one of the strongest and most storied, successful civilizations in history.

When the empire could no longer contain their borders, migrant incursions would increase violence and crime within the empire. The increased taxes burden on the empire’s citizens would crumble their economy. The political schisms that would infiltrate from foreign invaders would ultimately destroy the empire’s governorship.

Some of the most understood reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire are playing out in modern America: The invasion of foreign tribes. The loss of traditional values. The overburden of taxation. And, the increase of political obstruction.

We are at a flashpoint in our history. Not since our Civil War has it been more imperative for introspection. The radically-progressive policies and nature of our country over the last decade has accelerated the rate at which our American civilization is in decline. The attitude of entitled narcissists and willfully ignorant liberals is infecting our communities, our schools, and our governing institutions with a progressive toxicity that may not be able to be reversed without immediate and continued action.

We are being attacked. Drug cartels. Sex traffickers. Ideological terrorists. Disease-riddled citizens of third-world countries who seem to have enough ambition to want to change our country but not enough courage to change their own. This cannot continue and our government must protect us, or we need to protect ourselves by exercising our constitutional rights.

Arguably, the only thing that can save our Republic is the continued leadership of Donald Trump, backed by the convictions of more than 63-million Americans who’ve had enough of the politically and socially destructive policies of the Democratic Party, who does not care about the well being of America or her citizens.

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