Jacking Free Speech

We are a nation of free liberties. We are also a nation of free enterprises. The increased reliance on technology combined with the era of hyper-progressiveness has resulted in our free liberties taking a backseat to profits – an unacceptably dangerous intrusion on the American voice.

In recent months, Twitter has arguably been the most aggressive of all social media platforms toward unraveling the fabric of free speech, in favor of manipulating corporate profits to cater to the fragile egos and special interests of radical leftists. Thousands of conservative accounts have been removed, shadow banned, or otherwise labeled as “bot-like” accounts.

Personally, since January of this year I’ve spent a total of nearly two weeks in the online prison affectionately known as “Twitmo,” for alleged violations of Twitter’s rules. My account was suspended, to which I appealed and had the suspension overturned only to be put on a 7-day restriction. On multiple occasions my account has been locked out for 12, 24, or 48 hours.

Most recently my account was locked for responding to Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI) on a tweet in which she took offense to what she considered the President’s wasteful spending. Twitter considered my response hateful conduct. Apparently we can now add the word “clown” to the list of things inclusive in hate speech.

I’ve had a permanent shadow ban on my account for over 6 months now. What this means is that my information does not populate in search results, and even in the home feed, my activity may not show except to a few people whom regularly engage with me.

While a strong following is nice, it’s not about the numbers. The more people connected, the further our message spreads. Twitter’s algorithms are so tuned into a user’s tendencies that any mention of conservative leanings instantly regulates (and restricts) the number of accounts that see your information populate their feeds. Twitter has effectively filtered our speech into tiny chasms where only a select few can see any particular Tweets, based solely on our content patterns.

By manipulating our data this way, Twitter can easily direct advertisement to the areas it knows will see higher traffic. Twitter is censoring conservatives and then using that censorship to profit. Does it get anymore fascist than that?

There is no excuse for this. No profit margin should supersede our collective liberties under the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. It is especially frustrating when Twitter’s discretionary punitive actions are subjective and grossly in favor of liberal users and institutions.

One needn’t look any further than a few comments into any Tweet by President Trump to see the vile and harassing comments directed at him by any number of intellectually-crippled minions from the base of hateful Democrats. But somehow, these attacks are deemed acceptable, while questioning the actions of leftist politicians will often result in one’s account being locked or worse.

In May, the White House launched a tool for users to report social media bias. President Trump and leading GOP members of Congress have been very outspoken about the intolerable acts of censorship being facilitated by institutions such as Twitter and Facebook. But to-date, the relentless purge of conservative accounts continues on both platforms, particularly Twitter.

If not losing their accounts all together, many conservative Twitter users are losing dozens or hundreds of followers every day, and analytical engagements are drastically lower than just a few months ago.

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of users have set up accounts on the Parler platform. Touting itself as being guided by the rules of feee speech as supported by the Supreme Court, the site has seen a substantial migration of users from Twitter, which some are referring to as, “Twexit.”

For some, it’s their only option as they have been previously banned from other platforms. For others like me, it’s an additional medium to engage in political discourse with users of all ideological beliefs.

With tens of millions of followers and world diplomats exclusively using it, it’s difficult to foresee a situation in which President Trump will ever leave Twitter entirely. However, for him to create an additional avenue of communication by engaging an account on Parler would be well-received by his loyal voting base already interacting there. Many would leave Twitter entirely if they could interact with POTUS on Parler.

Short of this, many conservatives are left with few options. You must temper your tone and hope that the subjective policing done by Twitter moderators doesn’t take exception to your account. I don’t know what’s next for us. Maybe we will be left to just pantomime our feelings in a barrage of silent videos. Just be mindful not to use colorful hand gestures that could upset the feelings police.

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