Five Ways Democrats Fail In Debate

There was a time when productive discourse with an objective point of view was tolerable, and even manageable. With the radical push of social progressivism, those days seem to be a thing of history.

After tens of thousands of engagements with left-leaning individuals, I’ve determined what are arguably the top five tools that Democrats lack in their psychological toolboxes. While there are many more and each of these could be further broken down, keeping these to a simple purview makes it a more digestible read. And lets face it, half of the country will cry foul when reading this.

So what are they? What does almost every substantial (key word) interaction lack from the left? Here are my thoughts:


Democrats are unable to face their own insecurities. They are unable to ask themselves challenging questions. They are unable to see beyond their own narcissism and denial. One of the most frustrating moments while engaging democrats in discussion is the moment their cognitive dissonance shines so brightly they are blinded by their own willfully duplicitous ways. It’s not being hypocritical, that would require them to actually value their own opinion. They don’t. They truly don’t know what they value other than arguing and finding something else or someone else to blame.

Constructive Wit

Democrats just aren’t funny. Even while tying to be overtly rude, absent any substantive context, they fail at the most remedial level of insults. It’s the same old tired anecdotes. If calling us a “trumpanzee” (my favorite) or a “magaT” is the best you can do, you’re just one step away from telling knock knock jokes into the mirror of a funhouse. In fact I’m almost certain that many of them were conceived after their mother had a long day of ripping tickets at the Tilt-a-Whirl and their father lost a bet trying to guess her weight, and then ran out of inflatable bullshit prizes so he took one for the team to payoff his debt.

Mostly, democrats have themselves to blame for their own inability to banter with anything that resembles clever wit. They’ve created and surrounded themselves with an environment that’s so hypersensitive that they’ve closed themselves off from the humor in reality. In almost all cases, their attempt to be witty in political banter is just flat dry. And painfully dumb.

Critical Thinking

Democrats seem incapable of employing the tools of logic. They are proficient, however, at using faulty logic so adeptly it’s as if their childhood Baby Einstein materials were the knockoff made-in-California version, Baby Feinstein. Never has a collective group of people been better at comparing apples to snow cones.

They lack the depth of self-awareness to apply what they have learned toward productive and sustainable outcomes. Clearly there are very educated democrats. The education isn’t in question, for some. It’s the practical application of life skills and experience, and comprehensive competency that is lacking. They have programed themselves to act before thinking. Emotions before logic very rarely yields an intellectual profit margin. In most instances they’ve drown before they even get a sensible leg into the conversation.


Democrats are obsessed with the shiny new objects. Most liberals I have encountered seem to have the attention span of a carnival goldfish (there seems to be a theme in this blog, and it is profoundly fitting). They cannot hold focus long enough to stay on point. Nowhere is this more evident than witnessing their engagements on social media forums. Twist, spin, move the goal posts; whatever they can do to deflect their inability to acknowledge defeat or confront their inability to stay on point, they will do.

It’s pointless to continue with them once they’ve deflected. They will only continue to do that until the conversation has become so convoluted and pseudo-philosophical that you start to enter your own existential crisis. It’s as if your body’s own self-preservation mechanisms are trying to find an escape hatch from the most insanely puzzling conversation you’ve just subjected your beautiful brain to. It’s not you, don’t worry. It’s them. No amount of wall-meets-face can help it. Just walk away.


Democrats are irrational at best. Many of them are so far to the edge of their sanity that even a microwave dinging from three blocks away will probably send them into a frenzy of bath salts and tin foil hats. This is most abundant with socialites like Alyssa Milano or Rob Reiner, for example. (Yes, there are hundreds more). The sky is constantly falling in their world. A browse through their timelines leaves one ready to binge on vodka and Xanax. Everything is a panic reaction. Again, a pathetic product of their emotional impulsivity.

Alec Baldwin went on one of his frequently-incoherent rants about Trump a few months ago. There was no intellectual context at all, just a bunch of pants-pissing gibberish. I merely suggested he calm down before he sissy-punched someone again. He told me to “shut up;” and then he immediately blocked me. Another hallmark of the left. Insult and run away. Intellectual cowardice at its finest.

But let’s be honest, taking all of this into consideration, it can be awfully fun to engage their feeble-minded nonsense at times. Just don’t expect an outcome that you can do anything other than shake your head and laugh at.

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