The Empty Impeachment

The United States was founded upon a set of principles that would enable liberty and provide accountability in a way that was fair and in the spirit of the nation's pulse. What America is witnessing is anything but fair, or even legitimate at all. The Democrats have perverted the intent of Constitutional law in favor [...]

We Won’t Be Silenced

America is in the throes of a political revolution. The ultimate victors, America's value-driven Conservatives, have a real problem right now that has been amplified in the last two years and becomes more pandemic by the day. That’s the subjective censorship of conservative voices. Twitter and Facebook are arguably the most politically-charged environments in our [...]

An Open Letter To Liberals

The polarization of our country has reached a dangerous course, one that I fear we cannot reverse. Still, in continuous reflection I remain dumbfounded at how we got to this point. I seek to understand how half of the country is favoring fabricated mistruths over clear reality. To liberals across the United States, please enlighten [...]