An Open Letter To Liberals

The polarization of our country has reached a dangerous course, one that I fear we cannot reverse. Still, in continuous reflection I remain dumbfounded at how we got to this point. I seek to understand how half of the country is favoring fabricated mistruths over clear reality. To liberals across the United States, please enlighten me.

As it pertains to civil rights, please enlighten me. What is your basis for continuing to use a broad brush stroke to call conservatives racists as the default response to your every objection? Why do you push to further segregate society by way of insisting only black police officers patrol black neighborhoods? Why do you ignore the blatantly racist comments of people like Hillary Clinton who said that all black people look alike, and then laughed at her own comment? What have you changed or accomplished by any of this?

Why is there no outrage from you about the deliberate racist lies and hoaxes perpetrated by people like actor Jussie Smollett, student Amari Allen, or former NFL player Edawn Louis Coughman? Each of these individuals, and they are only a few examples, have done more to fuel racism than to advocate against it. What is your reasoning, if not hypocritical, for defending their actions?

Where are you in the plight of the homeless in your own districts? You put so much time and energy and resources into your so-called fight for social justice, when that time and energy, and those resources could do so much to further social justice for those most afflicted by the broken systems of government that you claim to stand for. In all of your “resisting,” what have you actually done to effect change? Where are the results?

Our current Republican Administration has done more to bring positive change for minorities than any President since Abraham Lincoln, unironically also a Republican. More minorities are employed than ever before, and their wages are higher than they’ve been in 10 years. Minorities are empowered under this administration, not intellectually enslaved as they were with the last administration. What is it about their further inclusion and improved quality of life that you find to be racist?

As it pertains to gun control, please enlighten me. Why do you continue to attack the NRA, a group who promotes responsible firearms ownership and safety, but you don’t attack the American Heart Association who promotes responsible heart health and care? Deaths from heart disease are more than 20 times the number of deaths from a firearm every single year, yet you don’t call for the shutdown of fast food restaurants or major beverage distributors. I’m confused. How do you reconcile that logic?

Why do you include the number of deaths from gang-related violence in your “mass shooting” numbers, but only bring attention to the white males committing these acts, who account for less than one-half of one percent of all “mass shooting” fatalities? Why don’t you bring attention to the fact that the majority of gun deaths are perpetrated in largely African American communities and with stolen firearms? Where are you in these cities calling for your congressional representatives to make changes? Those are not NRA members committing those atrocities. Why aren’t you marching in the ghettos of Milwaukee, Baltimore, Detroit, or Chicago, where the problem is exponentially more pandemic? These are your own constituents who are murdering each other, by the thousands every year!

As it pertains to climate change, please enlighten me. What is it about the scientific method that pertains to meteorology, but doesn’t pertain to biology, criminology, immunology, or physics? Where are the written exceptions to the substantiated processes used by the science community all over the world for more than 400 years? Where can I find the accepted periodicals you are using to disingenuate the scientific method?

What has stopped you from criticizing the false cries of those you elect? In 2009, Al Gore indicated the polar ice caps could be entirely gone in 5 years. Here we are, ten years later, and even NASA has indicated that polar ice is in fact increasing. Where has your criticism been of such profound intellectual irresponsibility? How are you furthering anything good by allowing yourself to be lied to, and then defending those lies? Do you want to live in a society governed by lies?

What new reasonable and conclusive evidence do you have that we should now believe that the planet will be devastated in the next 12 years? What logical factors are you using to make that conclusion with only 100 years of detailed climatological records compared to the 4.5 billion year old history of the earth’s ecosystem? How can you determine what happens in the next century by using only what happens in the fraction of a second right now? Because that is basically the same relative factor.

Why are the most polluted, the filthiest, the most violent, the most contaminated, and the most environmentally-neglected cities run by Democrats? What has been done in those cities to combat that? To even slow it down? What has been done by those you support and vote for, as they allow this suffering to continue? How do you justify that being acceptable? In many cases those failed leaders have been in office for decades. How much time is enough time to bring about change? Is 10, 20, or 30 years not a reasonable enough time to expect results?

As it pertains to fascism, please enlighten me. What definition of fascism are you using? What is your barometer? Many historical scholars consider fascism to be a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victimhood led by compensatory cults of unity, in which a mass-based party of committed militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints.

Please tell me the last time a conservative sought to limit your right to speak freely? When was the last time a liberal speaker was heckled off of a stage? How often and with what unacceptable ratio have liberals been banned from social media platforms for sharing their beliefs? When was the last time a conservative denied you the right to assemble? When was the last time conservatives held violent demonstrations at a democratic rally and physically assaulted liberals for their beliefs? When was the last time a conservative aggressively confronted someone at their home, their place of employment, or in public for their differing beliefs?

These are all examples of common behavior among the radical left. It would seem, quite evidently, that the true fascists you should stand up to are those in your own party.

Please enlighten me, liberals, as to why you hate conservatives so much. Is it because we respect law & order to preserve a safe and productive society for everyone? Is it because we respect our police and military, the ones who preserve our sanctuary under an oath up to giving their life for it? Is it because we respect the rights of a pre-born infant to experience human life? Is it because we work hard and pay taxes to support the many government programs that assist the disadvantaged in society? Is it because we believe in personal accountability, treating others as you want to be treated, and standing up for everyone’s constitutional rights, even when they treat them with disregard?

Or, do you hate us just because someone in a suit who has abused the power you gave them told you who to disparage, who to mock, and who to treat without dignity?

Ask yourselves, liberals, are you thinking for yourselves or allowing yourselves to be manipulated with malicious disregard by an elite group of over-privileged criminals who are leaving you morally, intellectually, and economically bankrupt while they profit on your self-inflicted injustices?

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