The Empty Impeachment

The United States was founded upon a set of principles that would enable liberty and provide accountability in a way that was fair and in the spirit of the nation’s pulse. What America is witnessing is anything but fair, or even legitimate at all. The Democrats have perverted the intent of Constitutional law in favor of their legislative insecurities and unstable political bias.

In short, they have weaponized one of the nation’s most sacred tools in a way the Founding Fathers never intended. While the Democrats disregard the rule of law, fabricate and propagate mistruths, and obstruct the spirit of the Constitution, America’s patriots are unimpressed. In fact, we are further resolved.

The Democrats have already made up their mind but so have the People of the United States, something the Democrats in Congress and their credulous base underestimated in 2016 and continue to underestimate three years later. The same assumptions, the same slandering, the same attitude of unchecked power, and the same mentality of subjugating half of the country. Their absolute denial of 2016 has them again assuming our voice is somehow diminutive to their malicious intentions.

I say this: Go ahead and impeach the President. Put on your Shakespearean theatrics for your base and be done with it. It changes nothing.

Sadly, most Americans and even most members of Congress are willfully ignorant of the components that supported and framed our constitution, which essentially comprise a glossary of intent. The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers provide the intended depth and purpose behind the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Many people on both sides continue to argue, subjectively, what the founders “meant” by what they said. But you don’t have to be subjective. Instead of being intellectually lazy, take the time to read through these lengthy but substantive and critical documents. All of the answers are there.

It’s a bit of a simplification, but it’s like assembling a piece of furniture by the picture without understanding the instructions or hardware needed to ensure the finished product is constructed as intended and with the right components to sustain its life.

The Democrats in the United States Congress are attempting to assemble a detailed showroom gallery of furniture merely by a picture they saw in a magazine. The margin of error, with any integrity to the process at all, is about 99%.

The founders knew how detrimental this process would be to the future of the Republic, especially if used in malice. Alexander Hamilton remarked in 1788 that it will “agitate the passions of the whole community, and… divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused. In many cases, it will connect itself with preexisting factions and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence, and interest on one side or the other.”

In other words, the route the Democrats have chosen will only further tear this country in half, entrench its ends, and perpetuate a division that may someday only end in a horribly violent confrontation between Americans. That blood will be on the hands of the Democrats in the 116th United States Congress.

Pelosi and her House of carnival mirrors are not just ignorant of the process, they simply don’t care. Their political spite has consumed them. So let them impeach. Here’s why it won’t matter:

First, even if you obtain enough votes in the house to procedurally impeach the president, it’s nothing more than a very elaborate and expensive (taxpayer-funded) accusation. It does nothing more than establish your case to bring about a charge against the president, legitimate or not. It’s the Senate that has the Constitutional power to put the articles of impeachment on trial.

Convicting the President of Impeachment would require a two-thirds majority of the Senate, or 67 votes. With only 45 Democrats in the Senate, it would take 22 of the 53 Republicans or 2 Independents to vote in favor of impeachment.

That’s simply not going to happen.

Furthermore, and the truth that really matters, is that it will not stop him from being re-elected in 2020. There is no legal mechanism in the Constitution that says he cannot run for office in 2020 even if convicted in an impeachment hearing. And we know how strong the public sentiment is. While Democrats struggle to fill a high school gymnasium, Trump is filling the country’s largest arenas to capacity with twice as many people rallying outside of these venues.

Let the Democrats drink their own poison, again. Let their gullible, misinformed base gloat and behave like fools. In the end, their ignorance of Constitutional premise and their denial of the resolved and righteous movement known simply as “MAGA,” will continue to consume their minds and drown them in their repetitive failures.

“No man can be a competent legislator who does not add to an upright intention and a sound judgment a certain degree of knowledge of the subjects on which he is to legislate.” – James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 53, February 12, 1788.

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