The Real Ignorance Is Purposely Misrepresenting This Sign

If there is one thing that’s predictable in our hyper-charged sociopolitical environment, it’s the irresponsible impulsivity of the left.

Once again, this week liberals unhinged their misplaced rage as they accused midshipmen at the US Naval Academy of being racists. An accusation that was quickly found to be entirely untrue, according to the New York Times and every intellectually-responsible human being in the country.

Liberals have a very perverse way of prematurely and inaccurately applying the associative property to things they choose to be ignorant about. It’s time to put the argument of this hand gesture to rest once and for all.

The use of the symbol, most notably understood to mean “ok,” goes back thousands of years and has varied meanings across cultures and generations. It was used in Ancient Greece to express the symbolization of love and kissing, and is still used today as a positive affirmation.

For just as many millennium, Buddhists have used the gesture as a sign of having attained inner perfection – and a transcultural message that things are “exactly right” or “perfect.” It is also used in the art of Mudrā to symbolize the “Wheel of Teaching.”

I’d like to meet anyone of clear sanity who can find me a racist Buddhist, or try to associate their teachings in any way with hate or intolerance.

In Naples the symbol was representative of matrimony with the palm up, and of all things, the scales of justice with the palm down.

It’s painted on ancient relics found across Eastern Europe and Asia.

Caricature of Uncle Sam making the “ok” gesture in a cartoon for the 1900 Paris Exposition.

Now here is some real irony. The symbol rose to prominence in the United States when Democrats began using it in 1840 in support of President Martin Van Buren’s campaign for re-election. Van Buren was widely known by his nickname, “Old Kinderhook”, whose initials, “O.K.”, were steadily gaining traction as an expression of approval. In New York City, fans of Van Buren formed the O.K. Democratic Club and used the gesture as its sign, with the slogan of “O.K.” bearing the double meaning in the club’s catchphrase, “Old Kinderhook is all correct.”

Recognized by the Recreational Scuba Training Council, divers are taught to use the symbol to mean “everything is ok,” as opposed to using the thumbs up symbol which is used to communicate the need to ascend.

In Japan the symbol is used to denote currency, symbolizing a coin. In other parts of the world, including Mexico as late as the nineteenth century, the symbol was used to remark on a person’s wealth or financial status.

In yoga the gesture is known as “the seal of consciousness” when the palm is face down, or “the seal of wisdom” when the palm is face up or held in front of the heart.

There are negative connotations as well, yes. In Brazil it can be synonymous with giving someone the middle finger. In parts of the Arab world, it represents the evil eye and is used as a curse or symbol of condemnation.

It wasn’t until 2017, when a few users on a 4chan message board goated the media into believing it was a symbol of “white power.” A prank – stated on an anonymous image board and after thousands of years of positive affirmation – and the media impulsively took the bait to irresponsibly fuel their false narratives of social injustice.

What has been widely used as an innocent school prank started in the 1960’s, the media is now using the Circle Game as an excuse to falsely accuse people of racism. Their deliberate misinterpretations of it have gotten people fired from jobs, banned from stadiums, and hindered people from political office. But only where those candidates are conservative, of course.

Sadly, many liberals live in a vacuum of absolutes. They enslave themselves to a media that feeds them a convenient narrative and they never question it.

Liberals will be the first to profess that because some Muslims are terrorists, it doesn’t make all Muslims terrorists. Or, because some of their base is violent and disruptive in their resistance (Antifa), it doesn’t mean everyone in the resistance is violent and disruptive.

The very same logic applies to this hand gesture. Because some people (who started a rumor) use the symbol to represent hate, it clearly does not mean that every use of the symbol represents a person or intention of hate.

Ignorance is a choice. Make better choices.

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