The Benedict Arnold Effect – Today’s Democrats

In 1780, Major General Benedict Arnold succumbed to his empathy for the enemy and defected from his trusted service to the American Colonies – to fight for the British cause. This was not an instantaneous act, but rather a slow and constant progression of his loyalties from resolved colonial policies to instead favor the emotionally-charged reactionary and desperate plight of the British in America.

Many historians speculate that among the reasons for his defection was a jealously he harbored toward fellow generals who had received promotions ahead of him following their battlefield accomplishments, which had overshadowed Arnold’s accomplishments in the eyes of General George Washington.

When you consider the ideals that drove Arnold to abandon America – envy, insecurity, animosity, empathy for antagonists, and disregard for one’s entrusted loyalties – it is not a stretch to liken those exact transgressions to modern-day Democratic leaders in Congress. And arguably worse, the way their insecurities are being perpetuated by their leading Presidential hopefuls.

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Joe Biden is among those whose insane hyper-critical ramblings have highlighted the airwaves of digital toilets like CNN and MSNBC.

No, Uncle Touchy, President Trump owes the American people no explanation for doing his job and defending the lives of Americans and sovereign American diplomatic facilities abroad. The only explanation Americans are owed is one from your former limp-wristed boss. An impotent leader who refused to let his sleep be disturbed by the cries for help from a senior American Diplomat and his security detail who were being overrun and murdered in the middle of the night, while their country’s leadership abandoned them on a rooftop 6,000 miles from home.

We’re still waiting for our explanation, as well as for accountability from that incident. No matter how often you try to deflect from it, we will never forget and we remain relentlessly resolved to see that justice is served for those American heroes, Joe.

The more our President accomplishes, the more Democrats seem to loathe him with juvenile insecurity. Even and especially when he acts faithfully according to his oath to protect We the People.

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In 2018, Soleimani posted a picture on his Instagram Account of him standing in front of a burning White House. Democrats seem to ignore the inconvenient fact that Obama once sat in that sacred House, too. Perhaps it was from the millions of dollars sent to Iran by the Obama Administration that Iran could afford such repugnant, anti-American propaganda. Propaganda that Iran has used to subvert American interests and launch military activity against American and Israeli personnel across the Middle East.

Democrats have renewed their insensitivity toward those killed in Benghazi under the heinous failures of Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. With every protest against the killing of a monster who sought to destroy the US, Democrats are arrogantly and irresponsibly showcasing their hatred for our Constitutional ideals and the American way of life. They are in fact giving aid and comfort to the enemy, the very language used in Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution to define treason.

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Imagine being so far removed from reality and reason that you take to the streets in tears, dressed as a polyester vulva, to emote disdain that restrooms have a “men’s” or “women’s” designation; but, you swear an empath of allegiance for a man who has raped and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, including your own fellow Americans.

Acute mental illness doesn’t even begin to describe the type of anti-social and outrageously manic behavior that is being displayed by liberals in Congress, the media, Hollywood, and on the streets of America. That these shortsighted imps protest the killing of a man who had subjugated, tortured, and killed hundreds of thousands of women is pathetic and irreversibly embarrassing. They should be ashamed of themselves, yet they scream pride for their own hypocrisy and intellectual inferiority.

Over the past three years, we have watched the already-thin judgment of Democrats rapidly dissolve to the point of complete erosion. From the premeditated and unsubstantiated attacks on Justice Kavanaugh, to the orchestrated false cries of racism by bottom-feeders like Jussie Smollett, to the sham impeachment hearings by the congressional band of nitwits led by losers like Adam Schiff – we have witnessed the absent-minded resolve of American liberals to destroy this country.

And they continue to up the ante with every passing day of the Trump Presidency.

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If they cannot have their way, they will sacrifice everyone out of jealous spite. Their petulance is disgraceful, and what’s more destructive is that they continue to infect young minds with their toxic and displaced, selfish rage. That is precisely how we end up with demonstrably ignorant and childish, inept clowns like those in “the squad.” Individuals who have no argument that isn’t prefaced by a label or false narrative that continues to be parroted by their intellectually-negligent base.

We’ve reached an apex of division in America that has exposed the unquestionably treasonous behavior of the Democratic Party. Those who continue to vote for and support these elected officials are fully complicit in treason against the Constitution and We the People.

What the Democrats have continued to underestimate with their spineless insecurities and their envy of Trump’s accomplishments, is the absolute unwavering resolve of America‘s Patriots. Their blind rage, their jealousy, their passive ignorance – none of it will defeat the determination of Americans whose values are rooted in traditional goodwill and devotion to our founding principles.

With every contemptuous attempt to dislodge our President’s character and the will of the country’s faithful citizens, Democrats are one step closer to bringing their party and their hateful ideals to extinction. Americans will not allow themselves to be imprisoned by the ignorant and repugnant groupthink of radical liberalism. We’ve had enough, and the gloves are off. We’re taking our country back.

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