President Trump Is Saving Cities Democrats Are Failing

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Among the socially-conscious population of the United States, there is no argument that President Trump’s policies have yielded tremendous positive results for the country. From job creation, to tax cuts, to renegotiated trade deals, to the rebuilding of our military, America is again on the path to greatness.

But the country as a whole is not the only beneficiary.

The secondary effects of Trump’s well-thought and well-executed policies are even benefiting cities that have suffered under Democratic leadership for decades. The Trump Administration is driving positive results for large cities the same way he is doing it for the country, despite the efforts of Democrats to demonize and otherwise cast dispersions on the president’s policies, character, and intentions.

For the purpose of this article, I decided to dive deeper into several key indicators that are not only measurable, but also demonstrably representative of society’s pulse when it comes to quality of life. I considered three primary areas that have the most substantial impact on a community’s social well-being: crime, employment, and poverty. To demonstrate how widespread the Trump Administration’s positive impact has been, I selected cities based upon diverse populations and geographical areas: Milwaukee, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

After reaching peak highs during the final three years of the Obama Administration, all five cities have seen a drastic decline in violent crime over the first three years of the Trump Administration. Combined, these five cities have seen an average reduction of violent crime by 17% since 2016.

These results are miraculous, considering how uncooperative the political forces of these cities have been with federal law enforcement, and how poor their conviction rates are. The liberal courts have enabled repeat offenders. There is an increasing trend, a frightening one, of offenders being released by the courts with little to no accountability for their actions. These offenders are not just likely to repeat, moreover, they are likely to escalate their offending crimes. Shoplifting becomes felony theft, which becomes armed robbery, which becomes murder.

So, what has changed? One direct influencer is the commitment of law enforcement to engage in proactive, community-based policing after years of being torn down by the Obama Administration, in particular his impotent AG, Eric Holder, who spent years victimizing criminals while criminalizing cops. Law enforcement officials at the local, state, and federal levels again feel empowered to do their jobs without facing backlash from armchair quarterbacks in Washington whose only agenda is to pander to false narratives to a voting base that’s become intellectually corrupt.

Poverty rates have also declined in these cities. While Las Vegas has remined mostly flat, collectively there has been nearly a 17% decline in the poverty rate across the board, with the most notable decrease happening in Milwaukee, where the poverty rate has dropped ten points in the past three years.

As it pertains to Milwaukee, you can be certain this has very little (or nothing) to do with Mayor Tom Barrett (D) who has been in office 16 years, and in 2016 saw his city reach a historic high poverty rate that was nearly double the national average. St Louis, Chicago, and Los Angeles have also seen a remarkable decline – all things relative.

The Trump tax cuts, which Democrats dishonestly pontificate helped only the rich, have had an enormous impact on lowering poverty levels in large cities across America. It’s not just more tangible cash in the pockets of families, it’s the secondary impact that the additional spending has on goods and services available to areas that have been otherwise outcast and desolate under Democrat leadership for so long.

Finally, historically-low unemployment rates. The entire country has seen the benefit of this, but like most things from a math perspective, the larger the numbers, the more exponential the product of change.

The job market had been improving prior to Donald Trump taking office, yes. Most Obama supporters will take credit for this, despite his short-sighted claims that the jobs which left the US would not come back. But if Trump’s policies were so destructive for low to mid-income families, you’d expect unemployment to again rise not continue to fall to all-time lows across all demographics.

Chicago has been led by Democrats for 89 years, Milwaukee 72 years, St. Louis 71 years, Las Vegas 45 years, and Los Angeles 20 years. These five cities are only a small sample of cities across the country with populations of 500,000 or more, where democrats have continued to subjugate the minds of their voters. The democrat playbook has been and continues to be an ideology of convincing people that they are victims and then throwing entitlements at them, leaving them psychologically dependent on those corrupt mayoral administrations for survival of the most basic needs.

More and more people in these communities are seeing through the perverse thinking of the leadership they have elected in the past. While I don’t think we’ll see these cities elect a conservative anytime soon, their populous is becoming wiser and more empowered to think and succeed for themselves. It is hard to argue that lower crime, higher income, and more jobs does not equate to a better quality of life in these communities. All thanks to President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is both directly and indirectly responsible for lowering crime, building opportunities for economic growth, and for insulating the finances of low to mid-income families in cities across the United States. The indisputable results of his policies are in the math of the last three years, and math doesn’t lie. Communities are safer and more prosperous.

Imagine how much greater things would be if he had any help at all from the Democrats, who instead are trying to hold these communities down?

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