Democrats Strikeout Swinging

On its face, the case for Impeachment being brought by Democrats is nothing more than a farcical tantrum in response to losing an election. Every critically-thinking American knows this. It’s one in a long line of attempts by Democrats to show just how pathetically lacking their character is, let alone their legislative prowess.

As the Impeachment trial in the Senate moves along, there are many ways in which the redundant hyperbole of Democrats is either completely wrong or being entirely miscommunicated by them. I will breakdown three of the key areas in greater detail: Witnesses, the Biden’s, and accusations that Trump broke the law.

Legal Precedent

Republicans continue to press the point that President Trump has broken no law and is being impeached without legal precedent. And they are right.

Andrew Johnson was Impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act – a legislation of Congress subjecting the President’s removal of Cabinet Members to the Senate’s approval. By contrast, Trump is being Impeached, ironically, for carrying out a legislation of Congress, the National Defense Authorization Act – which required the Executive Branch to withhold funds from Ukraine until it could be sure there was no corruption.

Nixon resigned before he could be Impeached, and Clinton was impeached in tandem with the indictment of felony charges.

The Democrats now claim that the act of Impeachment is not a court of law, and therefore they do not need the precedent of statutory charges. But in their typical hypocrisy, in the next breath Democrats claim that Republicans voting on Impeachment without witnesses breaks with more than 200 years of jurisprudence.

They want it both ways. Their argument fails.

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Hunter Biden Is Not Relavant

This is perhaps the most comical and mind-bogglingly stupid assertion of the Democrats.

First, if he is not relevant, why did the Democrats spend the entire first half of their second day of opening statements why did they spend that trying to defend Hunter Biden? If he truly is irrelevant, not a mention would be needed.

Second, and moreover, he is entirely relevant. He is at the apex of the entire premise of the Impeachment.

I’ll simplify it for liberals. Why are you Impeaching Trump? (Claim – Abuse of power) What power did he abuse? (Claim – He withheld aid to Ukraine) Why did he do that? (Claim – To gain an upper hand on Biden) What does Biden have to do with anything? (Claim – He’s investigating the Biden’s activities in Ukraine).

The Biden’s are at the very core of the Impeachment. It is simple cause-effect, and the Democrats’ argument fails mightily.

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Trump broke the law by withholding the aid

Nonsense. This argument goes the the fundamental separation of powers as outlined in the Constitution after exhaustive debate in the Federalist Papers. The Congress establishes laws. The Executive implements and enforces the laws.

The first argument Democrats will make is that Trump cannot subjectively choose which laws (or acts) to enforce or not enforce. While that is true at face value, Trump did implement the wishes of Congress before the deadline to do so. Ultimately, he never withheld any aid. Any argument of intention is invalid when their was no crime committed.

Secondly, the argument of intention is entirely flawed when the very law (act) that Congress passed required the President to withhold a large percentage of aid to Ukraine until he was certain there was no corruption. The NDAA of 2017 specifically spells that out.

Both of these arguments to the point of Trump illegally withholding aid are fundamentally wrong. Furthermore, if he broke the law, why is there nothing in the Articles of Impeachment alleging any crime at all? This argument of the Democrats fails without any ambiguity at all.

Three swings, three misses, three strikes.

The Democrats will fail in their attempted coup. This time. We cannot take this lightly, especially once President Trump is acquitted. What we are witnessing is the disgusting and unlawful lengths that Democrats will go to in order to exact revenge and seek to make the vote of all Americans diminutive to their personal legislative agendas.

President Trump will be re-elected in 2020, and Democrats will again ramp up their petulant rhetoric that it was illegitimate. They will whine and they will riot. That is why it is critically important that we maintain the US Senate and also take back the House of Representatives.

If we don’t take back the House, we will witness four more years of the same repugnant behavior of the left. America cannot stomach another four years of the Democrats shredding the values of our Constitutional Republic.

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