Bernie Sanders Is Down 1.3 Million Votes From 2016

The rise of misguided and uneducated support for the socialist ideas of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is concerning, although not as popular as either of them would lead you to believe.

Bernie Sanders won’t be the next President of the United States. In fact, he won’t even be the Democrat candidate. Contrary to what he pontificates on the campaign trail, his popular vote is in steep decline compared to 2016.

While the frontrunners for the Democrat nomination (Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders) vie for the prize of delegates, there is a damaging variable at play in the math for Bernie Sanders – his popular vote is down 25% from 2016. Sanders may try to argue that the large field of candidates cut into his vote tally, but that would not seem to be the logical argument of someone claiming to have a solidified base. With the exception of his radical followers, they are not solidified. They are leaving the Sanders movement in huge numbers.

Through more than 18 caucuses or primaries so far, Sanders has tallied a total of 3,944,328 votes. That is down from 5,254,636 through the same States in 2016. Bernie Sanders is more than 1.3 million votes behind his 2016 pace. Perhaps the most significant indicator comes in a handful of States, especially his home State.

In the 2016 primary, Sanders swept all 16 delegates and garnered an impressive popular vote of 115,900 supporters in his home State of Vermont. His home State has not been as supportive in 2020, as Sanders walked away with only 11 of the delegates. His popular vote was pummeled down by 30%, to only 80,121 supporters. Bernie Sanders has more than 35,000 fewer votes this time around, in what should be his strongest State.

Vermont isn’t Sanders only problem. In California, a socialist utopia, he was down 1.3 million votes (-54%). The State of California is almost tailor made for the destructive ideals of a candidate like Sanders, yet he was slammed in the primaries, despite taking a slight majority of the State’s delegates.

Sanders is down more than 200,000 votes in Massachusetts, 150,000 votes in North Carolina, 100,000 votes in Oklahoma, and 75,000 votes in New Hampshire. While he’s up slightly in Texas, Minnesota, and Maine, it doesn’t come close to offsetting his losses across the country.

And, we’re only about 30% of the way through the primaries. If the trend continues, and there is little doubt it will with Biden gaining the financial backing and endorsements of former candidates like Bloomberg and Buttigieg, Sanders is on pace to finish the Democrat primaries down 4 million votes to 2016. Votes that aren’t just leaving Sanders, many are leaving the Democrat Party all together.

This comes as a shock only to Sanders’ most dogmatic supporters; the “Bernie Bros” and his intellectually-empty surrogates like AOC and his radical social media following. Those supporters who are so trapped in the echo chamber of entitlements, they refuse to confront logical reality.

America is reaping the benefits of a strong economy, record employment levels, increased safety & security for their families, and a President who puts America first – the antithesis of all things socialist.

We are a Constitutional Republic that was borne and raised from the innovative freedom enabled and rewarded by capitalism. Our Declaration of Independence professes three inalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Bernie Sanders’ socialist ideals would dictate that you understand those to be life as controlled by the government, liberty as constrained by the government, and the pursuit of happiness as rationed by the government.

The America I love and served for would take exception to that damning socialist interpretation of our founders’ vision. America’s lovers of her Republic see that phrase from a much different perspective.

Life – enjoy and cherish it; liberty – respect and defend it; and the pursuit of happiness – work for and earn it.

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