Democrats Lack Critical Thinking Skills

In a world full of puzzles, Democrats have become adept at trying to assemble solutions to problems with the wrong pieces, or without pieces at all.

If you have dared to enter the mindless haze that is debate with a Democrat, you have quickly realized that you’ve been thrusted into circular arguments that lacked substance and logic. There are many reasons for this, not the least impactful is thinking impulsively from a place of emotion rather than thinking constructively from a place of reason.

What’s worse, in many cases, is that these conversations can never stay on point. Where they don’t devolve to the inevitable insults, they skew into bizarre and incoherent tangents that are deflective and miles off-topic.

Much of the challenge for Democrats is that they have forgotten how to problem-solve using tested and rational techniques. They haven’t learned (and refuse to learn) basic skills like root cause analysis, brainstorming, researching, and active listening.

If you ask most of them what deductive reasoning or confirmation bias is, you will more than likely be labeled as a racist for using big words in what they call an attempt to change the argument. They never seem to pick up on the hint that you’re actually trying to help them learn how to think.

That is because most of them have allowed themselves for too long to be told what to think. Their brains have been washed full of rhetoric in favor of process or objectivity.

I’ve written extensively in the past regarding the effects of misinformed causation. Democrats have taken what they want to believe is true and worked backwards to change historical facts to fit their flawed perception of reality.

Imagine a lengthy algebraic problem where instead of solving for the variables, you predetermine what the variables will be and then change the equation to fit your (wrong) solution? That is precisely what happens, on almost nauseating repeat, within the mind of a Democrat when they attempt to debate any sociopolitical topic one can bring to the table.

The proverbial light bulb in the minds of Democrats went dim when they forced politics into our school systems and began pandering to bureaucrats instead of educating students on even the most remedial steps to thinking critically.

I recently podcasted about this subject. The way we change this and bring about a generation of thinkers, is to purge the school boards of members who have been contaminated by political narratives and the toxicity of liberal policies. We have to remove the poison that infects the minds of our youth.

We have to get back to enforcing the importance of engaging the mind over emotions when it comes to solving problems. We have to again start teaching our youth how to think. The processes of thought, not the feelings of thought.

If we cannot do this, the scattered and unhinged mindset of Democrats will forever be a plague in our intellectual society.

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