America Is Under Siege

Photo Credit: Associate Press

The city of Portland has been under attack by domestic terrorists for almost two months. Dozens of federal agents have been injured, some seriously, as tyrannical thugs continue their assault on our constitutional republic and taxpayer-owned facilities.

Arguably, the last several nights have been the worst so far, as the extremist groups Antifa and BLM have attempted to destroy federal property and injure or kill federal law enforcement officers.

Rioters in Portland, July 2020

Despite the overtly-stated intentions of these groups to “burn the system down,” radical pseudo-journalists like Erika Smith continue to enable the violence by publishing illogical riddles for one of the largest media dumpster fires in the country, the Los Angeles Times.

Just hours after domestic terrorists assaulted federal agents with bottles, lasers, and explosives before tearing down an iron fence around the federal courthouse in Portland, Smith penned a profoundly bizarre and Machiavellian article that seemed to liken these criminals to being as virtuous as the mask-wearing clan.

And, she charged those who don’t wear masks as the tyrants, much like her claim of federal agents. In a comparison that seems to liken apples to chipmunks, she perverts the reality of two situations that have no relation to one another – aside from the increase in COVID cases clearly due to the irresponsible actions of protesters around the county.

Terrorists attack Federal Agents in Portland during the early morning hours of July 26, 2020.

Smith claims there is hypocrisy among conservatives who gather to resist government mandates to wearing masks but then ignore what she claims to be the lawless and overreaching actions of federal agents in Portland.

It’s this type of dishonest and manipulative junior varsity writing that I recently discussed on The Federalist Forum. We have to call-out the literary cesspool that is continuously replenished by the lies and deceptions of radical liberalism.

In order for Smith’s comparison to even touch the fringe of a logical comparison, she’d have to assume that conservatives opposed to masks are organizing by the thousands to storm hospitals, and then forcefully coughing known-infectious mucus in the faces of doctors and patients until they tell us it is acceptable to go without masks.

That’s how completely absurd and insensible Smith’s comparisons (and really her entire article) is. She also writes that the interactions between agents and “protesters” are happening blocks away from the federal courthouse, which is entirely untrue. In fact it’s an outright lie as you can see in the video above.

(You can watch the nightly live-stream of their lawless behavior on the PT News Network).

Portland Police defend themselves from anarchists, July 2020

There is no federal mask mandate. There is no federal regulation or law that establishes enforceable face covering or social-distancing legislation.

There are, however, federal laws against destroying federal property and attacking federal agents. Furthermore, there is federal law that justifies the actions that federal agents are taking to protect property. This is outlined in detail by Cornell Law in the law enforcement authorities of the Department of Homeland Security.

The actions taking place in Portland are nothing short of terrorism, and they have nothing to do with coronavirus. In fact, they have nothing to do with George Floyd, either. They have brought shame to those who original spoke out, and they have made the entire movement illegitimate.

They are the actions of criminal toddlers who were never taught respect or accountability.

America is under siege, not only by anarchists coordinating acts of domestic terrorism, but also by intellectually-crippled hacks like Erika Smith who call themselves journalists. It is imperative for those who still value the premise of our US Constitution to fight hard on both fronts. We need to restore law and order to our streets, while also restoring long-lost integrity to American journalism.

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