Wisconsin Democratic Legislator Attends Violent Protest, Lies About Events

MILWAUKEE – In what seems to be a recurring pattern among radical elements of the Democratic Party, a Wisconsin lawmaker who attended a violent protest outside of a the home of a Wauwatosa Police Officer, will likely escape and repercussions.

On August 8, Officer Joesph Mensah and guests at his home, including children, were the victims of a mob attack where shots were fired into the home. Thankfully, nobody was struck.

Following the incident, it was revealed that a member of the Wisconsin State Legislature participated in the unlawful protest that put the lives of several black children in extreme danger.

Representative David Bowen is a Democrat who represents the Wisconsin State Assembly’s 10th district, which covers much of Milwaukee’s crime-riddled inner city.

A local radio talk show host also broke this story, reporting on the involvement of Assemblyman Bowen.

(Assemblyman David Bowen’s profile picture on Twitter, posing with former President Obama).

Following the report of his involvement, Assemblyman Bowen tweeted a statement to the public, in which he denied that the protesters engaged in any aggressive action, and specifically to the reports of shots being fired into the home of Officer Mensah, Bowen said, “That’s the biggest lie.”

In fact, Bowen claimed the protesters were the victims. In typical Machiavellian form, a Democrat manipulates the narrative, and then lies about it for personal gain.

Here is a copy of Bowen’s official press release, following the incident:

Bowen’s statement entirely contradicts the press release by the Wauwatosa Police Department, issued following the events of that evening, in which they acknowledge gunfire at the home.

There are many questions to be asked. Perhaps most importantly, why would an elected state official be participating in an engagement by violent and unlawful protesters? What does David Bowen believe his oath of office means, when his behavior is in complete contradiction of that oath?

After the investigation into the incident, many questions are now answered. Wauwatosa Police have now charged two individuals in connection with firing shots into the home of Officer Mensah during the violent protest attended by Assemblyman Bowen.

Assemblyman Bowen, it was not a lie at all. The forensics, including cellphone video were clearly sufficient enough to charge your peers in the mob that evening.

Ronald Bell is facing one count of second degree recklessly endangering safety (use of a dangerous weapon) and one count of battery to a law enforcement officer. William Lofton is facing one count of second degree recklessly endangering safety.

William Lofton and David Bell.

At the time of publishing this article, Assemblyman Bowen has not commented on the developments, nor has he retracted his original press release or apologized to Officer Mensah and the Milwaukee community for his blatant lies, his participation in a violent, unlawful protest, or his failure to uphold his Constitutional Oath.

Wisconsin State Assemblyman David Bowen should immediately apologize for his actions, including lying to the public; and, he should resign from his office immediately. His actions are an embarrassment to the city, a violation of his oath, and a dangerous instigation for more violence and lawlessness in a city that has seen its murder rate more than double over 2019.

A vast majority of these homicides have occurred within the boundaries of Bowen’s 10th District, unironically.

David Bowen is an enabler of violence, not a peacemaker. His latest actions only serve to prove this. Milwaukee’s citizens deserve better than a liar who proudly associates himself with lawbreakers and attempted murderers as their representative in the State Legislature.

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