Quick Facts for 1/27/2021

“The pen is mightier than the sword,” is a common adage that is said to emphasize that thinking and writing have more influence on people and events than the use of force or violence. The spirit of the saying, originally coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, however, was intended to convey a sense of unifying eloquence — [...]

Quick Facts For 1/24/2021

Most people with intellectual integrity will not deny that the breech of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was irresponsible, unlawful, and shameful. While America attempts to comprehend the extreme aftermath, politicians have been doing what politicians do — finding others to blame. Nancy Pelosi has blamed President Trump. Mitch McConnell has blamed President [...]

Options Outside of the US Tech Bubble

Recent, seemingly collusive actions by American big-tech companies to suppress the ability of conservatives to exercise their First Amendment rights, has again highlighted the concerns of overreach and data privacy. Duck Duck Go has become a popular alternative for those who have become frustrated with the lack of privacy infringed by companies like Google and [...]

Biden’s Next Lie — Yemen

An already harshly-divided nation is about to watch the Biden Administration’s next attempt to play savior-messiah to a problem it had a hand in creating, while scapegoating former President Trump as the villain — once again. In an article by Intelligencer, a Vox media subsidiary, incoming Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the Biden [...]

Quick Facts For 1/21/2021

Joe Biden is just one day into his presidency, and he is already displaying his duplicity and disregard for racial equality. In other words, it is just Joe being Joe. The Washington Post ran an article outlining the changes to the Oval Office made by the Biden Administration, stating, “all incoming presidents change the decor [...]

Quick Facts for 1/19/2021

As President Trump leaves office, many on the left are calling attention to his signing of executive orders in his final days. The left’s frenzy would lead one to believe the President’s actions are without precedent. However, the President’s actions are neither unprecedented nor rare. In 2017, Barack Obama signed 7 executive orders in his [...]

A Letter to the State

At a time where the duplicity of a dysfunctional congress is at its most repugnant in history, it is important we remember one of the most powerful tools at our disposal — our State Legislatures. It is not just wise, it is more prudent than ever to connect with them and remain engaged in constructive [...]

How Facebook Stole Your Voice and Your Vote

There are few things more counterintuitive than objecting to the actions of a non-essential tool that one continues to use. Except, perhaps, continuing to willfully finance those actions one objects to. But that is precisely what users of Facebook continue to do. If you’re a conservative, or any American who believes in transparent elections, you’re [...]