The Twisted Tales of a Nation Not Eager For Unity

Niccolò Machiavelli once said, “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” That single quote could summarize the entire past year.

From conflicting CDC guidance, to tyrannical governors, to violent riots in cities across the country, to outrageous conspiracy theories, America has seen a year devoid of critical thinking that is unprecedented compared to any era in our history with relative adversity. For more than 240 years, we have saved our great country from a variety of threats, but not until now have we had to save it from ourselves.

Preserving our liberties and reinstating the values and mission of our United States Constitution will only happen when we start thinking for ourselves again.

Furthermore, we must fight the destructive ideals and anti-American policies of a new presidential administration that has a history of saying one thing but doing something else. The silver lining for those who are ready to dig in and save our republic from this madness, is that the Biden Administration is embarrassingly predictable and absent substance or character. The Biden-Harris act of political theater has begun, and it’s nothing more than a puppet show for the woke extremists of identity politics.

What the new administration perceived as its greatest strength will prove to be its greatest weakness. When you appoint people based upon who they are rather than what they have done, your plan is unsustainable. A lack of qualifications can only hide behind an empty facade until true adversities are faced. Leadership by proxy of identity rather than quality is an exercise in ignorance, and one destined to fail.

America’s favorite citizens, her conservative-principled core, do have an enormous mountain to climb. But we are prepared for that ascent to restored power, and we will tenaciously resist every obstacle we encounter along the way. In a recent podcast, I discussed just one of the directions forward. In fact, we have many roads forward, but they all begin with aggressive political engagement with our respective local and state legislators.

The States, collectively, have Article V powers that cannot be stopped by any of the three branches of the federal government. While those powers may potentially raise additional risks, there is no harm in the State Legislatures voicing there assertion of these powers. The strong and divisive rhetoric of the Biden-Harris Administration must be met with reciprocal noise — a noise that the States are best positioned to execute.

In addition to writing to our elected state legislators, one of the most impactful ways every concerned citizen can make a difference is by making better decisions with regards to their discretionary spending. Websites like Open Secrets are a very helpful resource to determine what corporations are donating profits to political lobbyists, and who those lobbyists are then supporting with the dollars you spend.

I’ve talked in the past about defunding the Democrats. It is not an impossible dream or a catchy tag line. It is an area we can truly make an impactful dent. It requires all of us to adjust our habits, however. There was never going to be a quick fix for a problem that’s been decades in the making. If conservatives truly want change, then they themselves will need to exemplify that change.

Perhaps our most immediate fight, but an incredibly important one, will be to re-enfranchise our most passionate group of voters. The vast majority of QAnon supporters are hardworking, family-centered Constitutional loyalists. They want to see the best of our society’s morals and convictions brought about for the future of our children and our republic.

It is unfortunate that so many who were lured into outrageous conspiracy theories were led astray by online grifters, whose only intention was self promotion and vanity. The ignorance, the shame, and the embarrassment rest on the shoulders of those very few who proliferated the nonsense, not on the shoulders of the millions who desperately wanted to believe in the elaborate but ambiguous fables.

It is important we welcome each other back into the discussion, but our time to heal must run in parallel to our collective action. We do not have any time to spare, as the 2022 midterms are just 22 months away.

America’s most outstanding achievements have always been borne from adversity. We have never forfeited our spirit or our will to fight to any foreign threat. We must remain close to our values and now refuse to bow to the greatest threat we’ve faced yet, the threat we pose to ourselves if we cannot restore the primal human instinct of individual thinking. Our ability to utilize the tools of thought have always been a point of profound leverage we’ve enjoyed over our opposition.

Today is the day we simultaneously heal from within and collectively take the fight to the common denominator in the source of America’s sociopolitical divide — the Democratic Party, led by pandering, criminal fools who once again only have themselves in mind.

America’s most loyal patriots will never unite with an administration and party whose destructive rhetoric and behavior over the past 12 years have left us at our most divided schism in 160 years. We must utilize every tool within our Constitution to expel the democrats’ toxicity from every office at every level.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

2 responses to “The Twisted Tales of a Nation Not Eager For Unity”

  1. Hi Tom! Spot on with this article. Hope you are doing well my friend. My anxiety has been through the roof with everything going on around us! I pray that we can find some peace in 2021. Miss you my friend! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you!!! We are strong, and we will overcome this. 💪🏼😉


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