Monologue – Straight Truth

Democrats just want someone to hate. They need someone to put down in order to feel better about how low they’ve become. They can’t stand their own insecurities and hyper-judgmental behaviors, so they try to blame someone else for those transgressions.

Incitement, you say? Insurrection, you say?

You were allowed to overrun, loot, and burn down a police station without penalty. You were allowed to shred your police department in the name of justice and equality, but where has that gotten you, Minneapolis? An extraordinarily higher crime rate?

You were allowed to take over a city hall, a public park, and govern yourselves. Where did that get you, Seattle? CHOP? Several dead in just a few days and needing to be rescued by the same police you claim should die?

You chose to put the name of a rapist on your jerseys. Where did that get you, athletes? The lowest ratings in history? Where has that gotten Kenosha? Six months later and the courthouse is still boarded up, windows are still broken, and there are still piles of ashes – that are now snow-covered.

You chose to shame a high school kid in front of the entire country, with a completely made-up lie. Where did that get you, CNN? On the losing end of a multimillion dollar lawsuit?

You decided to give an Emmy to a governor for doing such a good job managing the pandemic that he had to lie about how many senior citizens he murdered.

You have become so consumed with hating everyone else for your own failures, that you have spun yourselves into a cartoon that resembles something drawn by a four-year old all hopped up on Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks.

You fabricated a hoax, illegally, about an election being stolen, and then rewarded yourselves with special pens for punishing someone else for your lies.

You burned cities to the ground in the name of saving those cities. You intentionally destroyed minority-owned businesses in order to promote minority-owned businesses. You tore down statues of men who emancipated the slaves, in an effort to bring attention to the ugliness of slavery. How does one become so outrageously uneducated and ignorant?

You dressed up as giant vulvas to protest the appointment of a woman to the Supreme Court, in the name of gender equality. Has there ever been a more ridiculous irony?

You wasted so much energy in committees investigating a false narrative of foreign interference in an election that you were blindsided by foreign interference in our global health. Has there ever been a more irresponsible and counter-constitutional congress in our nation’s history?

You implement mandates you don’t follow, close businesses you don’t own, and spend money that isn’t yours.

You victimize criminals while criminalizing cops. You release felons from prison while jailing churchgoers. You preach diversity through conformity. You want justice and peace by disregarding the constitutional rights of due process and freedom of speech.

Let’s talk about who the real fascists and racists are.

Let’s talk about who is, has been, and continues to divide this country.

Let’s talk about violence and murdering political rivals. Do we start with the Trump supporter assassinated in the streets of Portland, the one shot in the face while exercising his right to peaceably assemble in Denver, or the unarmed veteran in DC. Or is the unarmed argument no longer valid?

You are the party of fake news, fake nooses, fake hoaxes, and fake outrage.

Conservatives are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your hypocrisy and double standards. We are exhausted from cleaning up your messes, paying for your bad choices, and listening to you whine like a bunch of petulant toddlers.

Virtuous, principled, unifying, and collaborative are not words to describe you. Entitled, hateful, bigoted, and violent are, though.

It is We the People, not You the Elite.

It is equal rights, not special rights.

It is the “Star Spangled Banner,” not “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

All lives matter. Both genders matter. Abortion is murder. Patriotism is noble.

The freedom of speech shall not be abridged; and the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

One nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all.

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