Transcripts – Inferno on the Horizon

(Transcript from theTommyCshow, recorded on March 13, 2021).

It is Saturday, March 13 2021, and you are tuning in to the Tommy C show. The podcast that’s become a popular resource for patriotic truth and action. The podcast that always hopes to prepare you for the sociopolitical dynamics that can often escalate quickly.

I firmly believe that things will escalate this summer worse than they were last summer, in terms of the civil unrest in the streets. I believe it’ll be much worse than last summer. I said that recently in a post online. There were a couple of people that agreed, there were some that were frightened by it, but I didn’t mean to scare anybody. Then there were some that pushed back and said, “well, how do you know?”

I’m going to spend just a little bit of time tonight talking about why it is I think that. Where am I getting this crazy, wild idea that there will be riots this summer, and that they’re going to be worse than last year? I mean, Democrats have the White House and they have the Congress and everything else, right? Some say, Tom, it’s it’s just hyperbolic. You can’t prove it. Well, you’re right. Nobody can prove the actions of something that hasn’t yet happened. But, based on past patterns of behavior, based on ideological goals, and based on just the general desire for lawlessness and anarchy, it’s both reasonable and prudent to speculate what will likely happen this summer.

And listen, these Antifa clowns, they don’t have an allegiance to a party. They hate the American political system, period. They just hate conservatives more than liberals and they’re more afraid of conservatives than liberals. That’s why they tear up liberal towns, because they know they can get away with it. They’re right. As for BLM, their political leanings are with the democrats from a standpoint that they feel that they can get leverage that way, but they’re quickly realizing that’s not exactly the case.

This is going to be a bad summer, in my in my view, and I’m going to tell you exactly why and exactly how that I believe it’s going to play out that way. We have the Derek Chauvin trial coming up in Minneapolis. I believe they overcharged him, and because they overcharged him, the burden of proof is so high that I don’t see how they achieve that. Furthermore, there is a lot of other information that’s come out since George Floyd’s autopsy, and other information that’s come from toxicology and other reports. It’s gonna be a very steep mountain to climb for those prosecutors. I just don’t think that he’s going to be nailed to the cross, if you will, the way that’s going to be acceptable to the crowd out there, the social justice crowd out there.

And consider this. I mean, as for the award, the money that was just awarded to his family, $27 million, I believe, the wrongful death claim or whatever. That’s not going to taper anything off. Breonna Taylor’s family was given 12 million, I believe, and they still rioted. Two cops were shot in those riots. Remember the U haul truck that pulled up and was unloading supplies and shields, and weapons and everything else? It was staged there and was all ready to go. That was completely planned and Louisville. They knew it was coming and they had that that city locked down for days ahead of time with National Guard and fencing and everything else.

The Derek Chauvin case is not going to end the way that liberals think it’s going to end, and that’s going to be problematic. That’s not the only one, either. Remember the DA’s decision here in my area in southern Wisconsin, about the Jacob Blake case and whether or not or not to charge the police officer in that case. That decision came down in winter, and Blake’s family even put out a statement that there was no need to wait until it was so cold outside to announce it. The only reason they said that was because they didn’t want to get and riot when it’s 10 below. When it’s January in Wisconsin, you don’t see these kinds of things happen because people don’t want to go out in the cold to make a ruckus. But you bet your ass that they’re waiting to get out there once the weather warms up and they can reignite that whole situation. There’s so much in Kenosha that’s still boarded up. I firmly believe that it’s because they expect more problems again in spring. Why else would you not have it boarded up by now? Even the courthouse still has areas that are boarded up. Listen, folks, in the winter months here in Wisconsin, it gets damn cold. If nothing else, you’re going to get rid of those boards, put the glass back up, insulate it all up and keep the building’s warm for the people inside and so you don’t freeze pipes. These areas are still boarded up for a reason.

Those are just two instances, and we know there’s a lot that can happen between now and the summer months, too. I mean, there’s there’s going to be more incidents with police and people that are breaking the law and not following commands. Hopefully not anything willfully negligent by police, but we know that it doesn’t need to be negligent. The Jacob Blake case is a prime example. The police responded to a residence where there’s a domestic disturbance, where an alleged criminal was not supposed to be, who had a warrant for his arrest for raping somebody. And then he resisted and fought, and got on top of an officer. There’s a video of it now and he had a knife, he admitted he had a knife and dropped it while he was on top of the officer and went to reach and pick it up. Then he walked around and refuse to let go of it still, and he disobeyed officers commands after being twice tased. We know all the truth of this now. So it doesn’t have to be a situation where it’s officer negligence, it could just be a piece of crap criminal who breaks the law and has to suffer consequences.

But either way, I think it’s going to be very bad. So what can you do? What does this all mean? What do we do about this? Well, I had two really good podcasts back in September and October last year, that I’m going to refer you to because there was a lot of really detailed information. The first one was on September 9th of 2020. I did a podcast titled defending yourself against radicalism. In that one, I talked a lot about defending your online privacy, the things that you should be careful about online. Everything from not using your real name in user handles to being careful about what pictures you share.

And Jesus, if you haven’t learned anything else from the Capitol situation by now, and haven’t learned how to turn off your location settings on your camera on your phone, just stop using it. Have somebody show you how to do that. I talked a bit about online privacy, and how to deal with hackers or bullies or trolls. I also talked about what to do ifl you’re dining in a restaurant with your family and these scumbags come into the restaurant and start turning things over like they did in so many places last summer, remember that? I mean, DC and Pittsburgh and Rochester and Los Angeles The list goes on.

I remember them approaching that elderly couple in Pittsburgh; who were dining outside, and drinking the guy’s beer and screaming through a megaphone in their faces. I remember them going into a restaurant in Rochester, New York, and disturbing the families that were outside eating, and flipping the food off their tables and then going right into the restaurant.

Many say, “I’ll get up and kick their ass and whatnot.” You might and I probably wouldn’t blame you, but not everybody thinks that way. Something like that overwhelms you that fast. Most people go into a place of panic because most people haven’t been trained to deal with a situation like that. It is so dynamic. It’s so high energy so quick, that they freeze, they lock up, they panic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s that’s a natural human reaction. As a human being you’re conditioned for fight or flight. That’s what it is. And most people don’t kick on that fight mechanism. Most people, especially if you’re with family, and it’s reasonable to get out of the situation, it’s flight.

I talk about that quite a bit in that episode. I talk about the restaurant situation specifically, because I think that’s one of the places where people can be most vulnerable, especially if you’re dining in urban areas this summer. There are so many places with outdoor patios that are going to be more popular now because of the COVID thing. Defending yourself against radicalism, it’s a good episode to listen to. It’s back when my show was still the federalist forum. I think that you’ll appreciate the information in there. I went through some very good situational awareness exercises, how to position yourself in a restaurant and determining escape routes and things like that, before you even sit down. People who are in law enforcement or the military know exactly what I’m talking about. You probably already do these things. I go into a restaurant, and I sit so my back is against a wall or to an area where there’s the least vulnerability for me. I want the best view, to have the best purview of the whole situation. I’m always scanning and I’m already looking to understand what are my ways out of here, if something happens. So many of you out there right now are probably shaking your head and know exactly what I’m talking about.  

The other one that I think is really helpful to listen to, again, as we go into the summer and things that could be happening out there, I did on October 28th. It is entitled Election Day preparations. I did just prior to the elections, of course. This was under the assumption that things might get very chaotic that week. They never did, but l the election was dragging on for a long time after that. I talked about a lot of things to prepare for, to have at your house. Remember, last summer, another situation in Wisconsin in Wauwatosa, there were rioters going through the suburbs and they were smashing windows of homes as people were in them. These things are going to happen. And I think they’re going to be even worse this year. I just think it’s going to be a really ugly summer for this.

On October 28, the election day preparations podcast, some of you probably listened to it already. I appreciate that, and you may want to review it again to refresh some notes. There was a lot of detail. I talked about in that episode also things to keep on hand in your car. What kind of things should you always have in there? We think about common things like blankets and road flares, but there are other things to keep in there considering civil unrest.

I also talked about, and this was a really important one, what to do if you’re caught up in a situation where you’re surrounded by a mob of these jerk offs. What to do, and sometimes more importantly, what not to do if you’re suddenly caught in the middle of some civil unrest. If you get to your car to leave and there’s this mob of people out there and it starts getting wild, what should you do? What Shouldn’t you do? Where are you safest if you’re in the middle of it? What’s your path? There is some really important information in that episode that I think will help you out.

It’s not just Antifa. It’s also BLM. And it’s sad because black lives matter, but they don’t matter to BLM. Not at all.

BLM will tell you to believe that you can’t judge all protesters by the actions of a few bad actors, but then they tell you that all cops are bad. They tell you to believe that all cops are bad because the good ones don’t hold the bad ones accountable, but then say they’re not responsible for the actions of their own violent actors. It’s It’s such hypocrisy, so much duplicity, it’s gross.

BLM will tell you to believe that their movement began with a mission to build local power to intervene when violence was inflicted on black communities. They tell you this as murder rates have more than doubled across the country in core black communities and cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit, Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles and 27 more of the top 40 biggest urban areas in America.

BLM will tell you to believe that they acknowledge, respect, and celebrate differences — while they publicly threaten, intimidate, or violently assault those who believe or think differently than they do.

BLM will tell you that they build a space that affirms black woman and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered. But at the same time, they ignore that the rate of rape or sexual assault against women in their communities has almost doubled again in urban areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Phoenix, New York, and 30 more of the most populous African American communities across the country. And those are only the ones that have the courage to come forward and report the crimes.

All of these things that I’ve mentioned, all the things that BLM tells you to believe can be found on their own website and their ethos — their own ethos on their website! All of those things, all of the truths they claim, all the vile behaviors and the ways they contradict what they say can be found in the reality of their actions, but not in the veil their words.

The truth is that BLM doesn’t want to believe the truth. They want to believe and perpetuate lies. They don’t want to take responsibility. They want you to believe what they say, but ignore what they do. The truth is that they are not a righteous group of liberators for racial justice, the truth is that they are nothing more than a black supremacy group. They are some of the most overtly racist people in society. BLM doesn’t give a damn about the black community. They don’t give a damn about making it safer, more empowered, more successful and more respected. They want to tear it down and make themselves to be victims of their own behavior. It’s disgusting

I think we’re on the eve of a summer Inferno. I hope I’m wrong. I hope months from now, we can look back on this show and mock me for it. But I just don’t think I’m wrong. And I know it does not hurt to be prepared.

Join me tomorrow tomorrow morning for coffee with Tom, where we read the lighter side of news, if you will. I’ve got some good ones tomorrow. Sex cult team building, speed racing dwarfs, the bitter aftertaste of underpants, and much more. It’s going to be a good one tomorrow morning.

That’s all I have for today. If you enjoyed the show, I’d be very grateful if you’d take a minute to share it with your friends and family. If you’re watching me on YouTube, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe. Likewise, hit that rumble button and subscribe if you’re watching on rumble. If you’re listening on Apple and would subscribe and leave me a positive review there, I would also be your friend for life. I really appreciate it as those actions help get the podcast spread around.

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Friends, it’s time for all of us to passionately take action. And we the people have a proud history of doing just that

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