The Biden Administration Forfeits Middle East Diplomacy to Russia

The United States has lost its position of strength under the Biden Administration, and the next foothold to fall could set US foreign policy back 50 years in that region.

The Middle East has largely been a region of widespread violence and political disorder for centuries, but under the Trump Administration the world began to see some softening of the turmoil. In addition to his aggressive pursuit of terrorists in the region, Trump also brokered historic peace deals between former rivals.

The previous administration’s progress is about to unravel in a way that not only destabilizes the region again, but also affords our Russian adversaries a position of leverage and strength in the Middle East. The effect on American interests will damage everything from the US diplomatic vanity projects (veiled as humanitarian missions), to the influence of natural resources that are rich to the region.

In the next 12 months, Russia will replace the United States in the region as a voice of diplomacy and guidance. This was set in motion by the mess that the Biden Administration has made of the situation in Yemen. This move has not only empowered the Houthis to increase their acts of terrorism, but it has also given the Russians an opportunity to stand in defense of Saudi Arabia, filling the void left by the Biden Administration toward one of the most important and crucial US allies in the region.

Russia is in a position of strength in the region, that is about to become even more formidable and potentially irreversible — short another long and costly, deadly military intervention by the United States.

The Houthis in Yemen are largely supported by Iran, a country who also has strong ties to Syria as well as the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon. Iranian proxy forces in the Middle East have been the most effective source of destabilization in the region for the past two decades. Iranian proxy forces are also responsible for numerous attacks on US forces in Iraq.

Where does Russia fit into all of that? Since the fall of the former Soviet Union, Iran and Russia have maintained cooperative relations as strategic allies. Iran and Russia have also been military allies in the conflict in Syria.

Furthermore, because of Western economic sanctions on Iran, Russia has become a key trading partner, especially in regard to oil reserves. Iran is also the only country in Western Asia that has been invited to join the CSTO, Russia’s own international treaty organization in response to NATO. Indeed, the two counties are powerful allies.

And now, Russia is quickly replacing the US as an ally of Turkey. Back in February, theTommyCshow predicted an eventual shift of Turkish loyalty. This should be cause for huge concern. Turkey is a gateway nation in the Middle East, and the US has had military installations there for decades — that could be in jeopardy as relations strengthen between Russia and Turkey.

Russia’s unique position as an ally of Iran gives them a stronger voice to reign in the terrorist acts of Iranian proxies like the Houthis in Yemen, while at the same time Putin can Court the Saudis, who the US has abandoned in the fight against their terrorist neighbors. Russia has also now established productive relations with Turkey, who suddenly finds themselves with more reason to ally with Saudi Arabia. While the two countries already have strong economic relations, their diplomatic relations have been strained in the past. Now, however, both face a common enemy — Iranian proxies. Just as they Saudis fight against Iranian-backed Houthis, the Turks find themselves in skirmishes with Iranian-backed terrorist factions in Syria and Iraq.

The United States has spilled entirely too much blood in this region. Now, we are forced to watch the noble sacrifices of our military be shamed and forfeited by an Administration who has decided to surrender productive diplomacy — efforts that were finally budding after two decades of war, and a Trump Administration that worked so hard to bring the troops home and turn their sacrifices into productive measures of peace and unity in the region.

One again, Democrats are failing our military, failing our veterans, failing our allies, and failing to show leadership. And because of that, Russia will become the dominant power in the Middle East before the end of the Biden Administration’s term in office.

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