What the Media Continues to Lie About During the Rittenhouse Trial

The corporate media continues its inquisition against a teenager who was forced to defend himself against a violent group of rioters and convicted felons on August 25, 2020. Here are just a few of the facts — backed by the prosecution’s own evidence — that the media continues to lie about.

“Rittenhouse crossed state lines with a firearm.”

This was proven to be untrue by the prosecution’s own witness, Dominick Black, who testified on day one that the weapon was kept at his step-father’s residence in Wisconsin. The only time the weapon crossed state lines was after the incident, when Rittenhouse went to surrender himself and the weapon to the Antioch Police Department.

“Rittenhouse traveled from out of state.”

As a matter of simple geography, this is correct. However, the reality is also that Antioch sits on the Wisconsin-Illinois border, and is practically a suburb of Kenosha. In fact, it might take you more time to exit a parking structure in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles than it would take you to drive from Antioch to Kenosha.

Rittenhouse had no business in Kenosha.”

On its face, this statement is illogical, as it could be argued that most people who were present at the Kenosha riots had no reasonable or productive business being there. There is also no law that prevented Rittenhouse or anyone there that evening from being present. In fact, our very First Amendment guarantees otherwise.

But for Rittenhouse, there were multiple ties to the community. Foremost, it’s where he traveled to work every day. Also, his father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin live in the City of Kenosha. Rittenhouse also spent the morning of August 25, 2020 in the City, scrubbing vulgar and hateful graffiti off of buildings from the previous night’s violent BLM riots.

Rittenhouse was part of an armed white supremacist group on Facebook.”

Kenosha police detective Ben Antaramian testified that Rittenhouse had no social media engagement with any such groups. In fact, the judge ruled in September that because the prosecution could not demonstrate any link between Rittenhouse and any such groups, they could not argue that during the trial.

“Joseph Rosenbaum wasn’t trying to take Rittenhouse’s rifle.”

Testimony from another one of the prosecution’s own witnesses, Richie McGinnis, included the fact that Rosenbaum was lunging at Rittenhouse’s weapon. McGinnis was filming portions of the evening and was in the immediate area of the shooting of Rosenbaum. Additionally, testimony from the medical examiner affirmed that Rosenbaum may have even been grabbing the weapon’s barrel or muzzle.

“Gaige Grosskreutz had his arms up when he was shot by Rittenhouse.”

Both video evidence and the witness testimony of Grosskreutz himself prove this statement to be false. Grosskreutz testified that he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse and advanced on him. In fact, Rittenhouse had lowered his weapon all of the way to the ground before Grosskreutz advanced.

“Anthony Huber never touched Rittenhouse’s rifle.”

Along with the medical examiner’s testimony, video evidence also proves this to be untrue. In fact, Huber can be seen pulling the rifle away from Rittenhouse’s body. It wasn’t until Huber was shot that you can see his hand releasing the weapon once the weapon’s sling recoils.

Rittenhouse stated that he never wanted to harm anyone, especially the three men he shot — which included a convicted pedophile, a serial domestic abuser, and an armed rioter who was carrying a concealed weapon without a valid permit.

While these are only a few of the facts being misstated or wholly lied about by the media, they are just a few of very many important facts brought to evidence the past two weeks that provide overwhelming evidence to support Rittenhouse’s claim of self defense. The only other truthful perspective is denial.

Because you don’t like the truth doesn’t make it untrue.

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