A Letter to the State

At a time where the duplicity of a dysfunctional congress is at its most repugnant in history, it is important we remember one of the most powerful tools at our disposal — our State Legislatures. It is not just wise, it is more prudent than ever to connect with them and remain engaged in constructive [...]

Democrats Lack Critical Thinking Skills

In a world full of puzzles, Democrats have become adept at trying to assemble solutions to problems with the wrong pieces, or without pieces at all. If you have dared to enter the mindless haze that is debate with a Democrat, you have quickly realized that you’ve been thrusted into circular arguments that lacked substance [...]

Weaponization Of The Press

In 1839, English Author Edward Bulwer-Lytton professed, "The pen is mightier than the sword." This old adage, taken from the 16th-century proverb, "no more sword to be feared than the learned pen," suggests that the advocacy and responsible exercise of an independent press can be considerably more persuasive (and effective) than violence. It is difficult [...]

A Letter To The United States Senate

Our Constitutional Republic has reached its most climactic point since the American Revolution. The schism in society is the proverbial powder keg waiting to blow. It is time to engage with our liberties in the way our Founding Fathers prescribed. Communicating with our elected officials is arguably just as important as voting for them. They [...]

The Empty Impeachment

The United States was founded upon a set of principles that would enable liberty and provide accountability in a way that was fair and in the spirit of the nation's pulse. What America is witnessing is anything but fair, or even legitimate at all. The Democrats have perverted the intent of Constitutional law in favor [...]

We Won’t Be Silenced

America is in the throes of a political revolution. The ultimate victors, America's value-driven Conservatives, have a real problem right now that has been amplified in the last two years and becomes more pandemic by the day. That’s the subjective censorship of conservative voices. Twitter and Facebook are arguably the most politically-charged environments in our [...]