FBI Reports Don’t Support The Inquisition Against Parler

Just one week before the breech of the U.S. Capitol Building, Richard Barnett posted on Facebook that he “came into this world kicking and screaming, covered in someone else’s blood,” adding, “I’m not afraid to go out the same way.” According to this article by the Washington Post, the man now infamous for the photo [...]

Options Outside of the US Tech Bubble

Recent, seemingly collusive actions by American big-tech companies to suppress the ability of conservatives to exercise their First Amendment rights, has again highlighted the concerns of overreach and data privacy. Duck Duck Go has become a popular alternative for those who have become frustrated with the lack of privacy infringed by companies like Google and [...]

A Letter to the State

At a time where the duplicity of a dysfunctional congress is at its most repugnant in history, it is important we remember one of the most powerful tools at our disposal — our State Legislatures. It is not just wise, it is more prudent than ever to connect with them and remain engaged in constructive [...]

America Is Under Siege

Photo Credit: Associate Press The city of Portland has been under attack by domestic terrorists for almost two months. Dozens of federal agents have been injured, some seriously, as tyrannical thugs continue their assault on our constitutional republic and taxpayer-owned facilities. Arguably, the last several nights have been the worst so far, as the extremist [...]

Bernie Sanders Is Down 1.3 Million Votes From 2016

The rise of misguided and uneducated support for the socialist ideas of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is concerning, although not as popular as either of them would lead you to believe. Bernie Sanders won't be the next President of the United States. In fact, he won't even be the Democrat candidate. Contrary [...]

Weaponization Of The Press

In 1839, English Author Edward Bulwer-Lytton professed, "The pen is mightier than the sword." This old adage, taken from the 16th-century proverb, "no more sword to be feared than the learned pen," suggests that the advocacy and responsible exercise of an independent press can be considerably more persuasive (and effective) than violence. It is difficult [...]