America’s Founders Disagreed On Many Things, But Not On The Unconditional Right To Bear Arms

America's Founding Fathers found themselves in contentious debate about almost all aspects of what would become our United States Constitution. The debates between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists would be outlined in thousands of pages of documents. The two groups, one being proponents of a nationalized government body (Federalists), and the other favoring power being consolidated [...]

Weaponization Of The Press

In 1839, English Author Edward Bulwer-Lytton professed, "The pen is mightier than the sword." This old adage, taken from the 16th-century proverb, "no more sword to be feared than the learned pen," suggests that the advocacy and responsible exercise of an independent press can be considerably more persuasive (and effective) than violence. It is difficult [...]

An Open Letter To Liberals

The polarization of our country has reached a dangerous course, one that I fear we cannot reverse. Still, in continuous reflection I remain dumbfounded at how we got to this point. I seek to understand how half of the country is favoring fabricated mistruths over clear reality. To liberals across the United States, please enlighten [...]

The Gun Control Paradigm

As society endures the tragic hangover of another mass shooting, reason is again lost to the impulsivity of emotional responses. Liberal America defaults to the position that conservatives remain in nothing more than an altruistic holding pattern. This is not just untrue, it's a willfully counterproductive political stunt. Arguably, nobody is more genuinely concerned about [...]