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Rucksack Radio with Tom and Phil is a spinoff from theTommyCshow. Only the name has changed. The bold, blunt honesty of two salty old Marine Corps Veterans combined with a boundless, unrelenting sense of humor makes this podcast one that the most hardcore patriots can relate to and appreciate.

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Sundays at 9am Central on Riverside FM
Tuesdays at 7pm Central on Riverside FM
Thursdays at 7pm Central on Riverside FM

Live shows are recorded and uploaded to YouTube, usually within 24 hours.

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The material we bring to you is often time consuming, and always well researched. A modest contribution of $5 goes a long way in supporting our efforts to continue to bring substantive and relevant information toward the conservative cause, in addition to the often brutal bits of levity. Of course, you may always make more than one donation if you feel the content is valuable to you. We are very grateful to all of you who support our work in this important movement, as we strive to standout from the crowded field of redundant and scripted talking heads.


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